Ok, so this is the first year we've offered this, so please read & understand the following:

I intend to place our big order with Grandstand on August 1st and have been told they have a "12 business days + transit" lead time, meaning that I intend for the shipment to arrive the week of August 23-27, which should give me time to stuff them in envelops and drop them in the mail. I know it's important to get them to you before CBW, so if I have to drive them to your @*#%$! house I will (applies to locals only!) That said - if for some reason the shipment is delayed or Hurricane Murphy strikes a blow, then I hope you understand and don't hold it against me... Other than that, "all sales are final, no refunds, yada yada".

If you're uncomfortable with any of that, please don't order!