Event Registration

You can get involved with Charleston Beer Week for as little as $60, but first you have to complete the following form. Please fill in all details and submit, then we'll be in touch with you shortly!

Which you can read here.
As defined by the Brewers Association.
Please note (as of: 7/19):   **Regular events are SOLD OUT - only sponsor events remain!
List both the start and stop time, such as 5-9pm.
Provide as many details as possible, so that we can provide this information in the writeup on your event listing. List any visiting brewery reps, beer lists, menu/food pairings, limit on the number of tickets, etc.
I can configure ticket sales on your event page, available through City Paper Tickets only. CP can offer advance payment (50% of ticket sales balance) if you need it early, with remaining funds sent after beer week is over.
Please provide the following info: price per ticket, total number of tickets to be sold, when tickets should go on sale.
Swag Packs
Let us know if you're interested in buying extra swag, which can be used as giveaways during your event, or to outfit your staff. You will have the ability to order any from us up until the Aug 1st deadline.
Each t-shirt swag pack contains TEN (10) shirts and costs $50.
Each pint glass swag pack contains 24 glasses (1 case) and cost $20.
Each tulip glass swag pack contains 6 (1 box) glasses and cost $20.
POC Info
Please enter the lead for your event - this will also be the person/email that I send the Paypal invoice to.